iPhone OS 4.0 Offers Digital Zoom and Multitasking

iPhone 4.0.jpg
The latest iPhone operating system was announced today and Apple promises that over 100 new features will be added to the iPhone.  

OS 4.0 adds in one feature that the iPhone has been missing for a good long while - multitasking.  You'll finally be able to run more than one app at the same time and switch between them.  It's been a long time coming and it opens up a lot of possibilities for users.  Finally, you won't have to stop listening to Pandora when you want to look for directions.

One of the other more interesting features is a digital zoom.  Adding a 5x digital zoom won't change the world of iPhone photography, and it's surely not going to look anywhere near as good as optical zoom, but it does make the phone a bit wieldier.  It could also be a hint of something better in the future.

Developers got some big news as well.  They've finally allowed them access to full video playback and control, as well as the ability to utilize user photos in their apps.  This could mean new and improved apps in the future.