Introducing the Holga Digital, a Modern Version of the Classic Holga Film Camera

holga_front.jpegThe Holga Camera has been popular for many years with users that wanted cheap film cameras and lenses with a unique look to photos. This camera uses 120 Film with simplistic controls and inexpensive body construction, combined with plastic lens construction using optics that were less than stellar quality.
Because it was cheaply made, it was not unusual to see a wide variety of blemishes in photos that were unique to a specific camera and lens combination, with blurry edges, saturated colors and vignetting creating a "Holga" look to photos that many could recognize and appreciate.
Now, a Kickstarter Campaign has been launched to fund a Digital Version of the Holga Camera, striving to match both its popularity and the look of the photos it captured.
The Holga Digital will be available in different colors, and features simple controls and settings, allowing a choice of f/2.8 or f/8 for apertures, a control for aspect ratio allowing a selection between 4:3 and 1:1, and a hotshoe for an external flash. The camera has a 1/60 second flash sync, and also has a Bulb Mode for longer exposures. It also sports a tripod mount.
Of course, no 120 film will be needed with the new Holga Digital Camera, as it is equipped with an 8-Megapixel 1/3.2" CMOS Imaging Sensor that captures images to SD type cards. The Holga Digital will use standard AA Batteries and has a Micro USB Port for transferring photos from the camera to a computer.
The Holga Digital Camera Kickstarter Campaign was launched with a goal of receiving $37,742 in pledges, and has already exceeded that goal by several times, with 44 days left to go.
Early backers will be able to get a Holga Digital camera for $75 CAD (approximately $57 US Dollars), and there are also packages offered that include extra lenses and accessories. An adapter that allows the use of the original Holga Film Camera lens is also available.
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