Introducing Smoovie - a Pocket Size Video Stabilizer for Smart Phones and GoPro Cameras

smoovie_logo1.jpegIf you love to capture video using your Smart Phone or GoPro Camera, you may appreciate a way to prevent jerky video without using a tripod. That is where a video stabilizer product can help out, and is what the developers of Smoovie are probably counting on.

This new device is using a magnetic gimbal that is designed for use with lightweight devices like smart phones, using neodymium magnets to stabilize the gimbal and reduce unwanted camera shake. smoovie1.jpeg

The designers are counting on the Smoovie appealing to users that want a smaller, lightweight device that can fit into a pocket for transport, yet is available quickly for use without the problems you may run into using a larger and more complex video stabilizer solution. It uses a telescopic counterweight and click in handle to make it easy to carry and use.

The Smoovie uses a design that allows you to secure a smart phone between rubber holders, and a Smoovie Plus model will be available for use with GoPro cameras.

smoovie2.jpegSee more about Smoovie by visiting this Kickstarter Campaign page at

There, you'll find photos and videos demonstrating how Smoovie works and compares to some of the other solutions. The Kickstarter Campaign for Smoovie is just starting. But we suspect it will be a hit, given the low price point and modest funding goals in order to start production.

Also, make sure to see the below press release about the Smoovie:


Smoovie™ Launches on Kickstarter

New pocket sized video stabilizer to replace selfie sticks, professional looking video for everyone

LONDON, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Breakthrough design means that the pocket-sized Smoovie is significantly lighter and much smaller than other video stabilizers. Professional looking video is now simple, compact and affordable enough for everyone with a smartphone or GoPro. Jittery and unsteady video is a thing of the past.

Smoovie is small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag making it easy to carry anywhere. When inspiration strikes Smoovie is easily at hand to help capture great shots. It can be used for home videos, on the go or taken on trips and holidays.

Smoovie works with Apple, Android or Windows mobile devices. The universal mount holds all popular smartphones with ease. Rubber pads protect and keep smartphones secure. An interchangeable adapter gives users the option to use GoPro too.

The patent-pending magnetic gimbal design has been optimized to work with lightweight devices like smartphones and GoPro. Strong neodymium magnets stabilize the gimbal and reduce unwanted shaking. Combined with a telescopic counterweight and click-in handle the Smoovie measures just 19cm (7.5") when folded and weighs just 125g (4.4 0z) which is less than a Big Mac.

People of all abilities can use it. Smoothie's telescopic counterweight is simply pulled out in one action unlike other video stabilizers with complicated counterweights. Smoovie takes seconds instead of minutes making it quick to setup and easy for all abilities to understand. The adjustable handle makes Smoovie really easy to hold naturally and gives more versatility when recording video. And because Smoovie is so light it can be used for long periods without wrist ache.  

"We're excited because now professional looking video is accessible to everyone. We hope the Smoovie stick this year can do to videos what the selfie stick did for photos last year." Alex Kalogroulis, Product Designer

The product designer Alex Kalogroulis is from London and has invented many different products from Sea Scooters to Smart Touch kitchen gadgets. He also teaches future designers on the Innovation Design Engineering master's course at London's Royal College of Art.

The Kickstarter goal is to raise £10,000 to take Smoovie into production.