Introducing Pictar, a Neat Grip that Transforms an iPhone into a Full Featured Camera

If you love to take photos, yet miss the features, ergonomics, and controls that you have with a more advanced camera, then the Pictar may be the perfect option for your iPhone.

Pictar was designed to combine the camera technology built into an iPhone with the benefits you get with a more advanced camera model, like physical controls for popular shooting features. It includes a shutter button that locks focus with a half press, programmable main control wheel, controls for exposure compensation and more. It also gives you a tripod mount, along with a cold shoe for mounting of lighting accessories,and of course, an ergonomic grip design.

The way that the Pictar unlocks the camera features built into an iPhone is fascinating, too. Instead of using technology like Bluetooth, high frequency audio is used instead. Each physical control is assigned a specific tone, and with each turn of a dial, press of a button or turn of a wheel, Pictar emits a sound that when detected by the app, generates a corresponding action. The high frequency dual tone (18,500 - 20,000 khz) is inaudible to the human ear and significantly increases battery life when compared to Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pictar also comes with a lot of different preset modes for both beginner and advanced photographers. For example, the developers of Pictar have put together this list:

Beginners will love the ease of control - in default mode the smart wheel controls 7 pre-set modes, which enable users to easily adjust the iPhone to any situation while focusing on actually taking the shot. Pre-set modes are:
  • Auto mode
  • Portrait mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Sport mode
  • Snow mode
  • Selfie mode
  • Video mode

Advanced photographers will feel right at home: the smart wheel lets you choose between 3 advanced modes:
  • Shutter priority
  • ISO priority
  • Manual (iPhone manual = Shutter + ISO adjustments).

This new product is scheduled to start shipping later this year in November, 2016, with different packages available at discounted price points for early contributors. Take a look at this Kickstarter Campaign page to see more detail, compatible iPhone models, available packages for early backers and more:

The below image shows some of the controls the Pictar will add to most iPhone Models, and we suspect that many photographers are going to love this new accessory.