Introducing Graava - the Action Camera With Self Editing Videos

graava1.jpgDo you rarely share videos because of the time needed for editing? If so, a new action camera called Graava may be what you need.

After a day of filming, simply select the desired length of the final video from the Graava app on your smart phone, and Graava will automatically edit your footage, producing a final video that is synced to music you select. Then, you can upload that video to a variety of social media sites with the press of a button.


The algorithms for the automaic video editing use sensors built into the camera to determine what parts are interesting. For example, data from a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, and a GPS. After all, if your speed or altitude changes quickly, then it's more likely to be a moment you'd want to capture and share.

This image shows more about the Graava's sensors


Key Features

  • Configurable camera modes by hotkeys

  • Automatic auto-edition of best moments of your videos by selected time

  • Share your best moments videos

  • Control remotely with live preview

  • Media Library, view photos, playback videos

  • Smart notifications by mode

  • Automatic recording by motion and by smart phone proximity

  • Accident Alert

  • Cloud files/Backup sync

  • Full setting camera control

  • And more...


  • Video Resolution: HD 1080p 30 fps / 720p 60 fps

  • Hyperlapse Video: 4K, 1080p and 720p

  • Photo Resolution: 8MP Wide

  • Lens Angle of View: 130ยบ

  • Auto Image Rotation: Record video horizontally or vertically

  • Looping Mode: Record a continuous loop video

  • Image Stabilization

  • Fixed Focus

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Graava can be pre-ordered now for $249 ($100 off the expected retail price) and is scheduled to begin shipping in February 2016.