Introducing Cloud Cards - a Neat Product for Sending Video Messages Inside of a Greeting Card that includes a Built In Display and WiFi

When we first saw the title of "Cloud Cards" in a Press Release for this new product, we [wrongly] assumed that it was just another way to send a link to an online greeting card, or an attachment that included a greeting card, as we've been seeing for years.

But, instead, we found a pleasant surprise, as Cloud Cards are physical greeting cards, complete with WiFi connectivity for recording of content from your mobile phone, with a 6" Display inside of the Greeting Cards so that others can view your video messages.

The Cloud Card developers are also offering online services that include templates for customizing your video greetings. In addition, instead of using a bulky and heavy picture frame concept at a higher price point, it appears that you can buy a Greeting Card with a thin and light display built in for as little as $27 now, including some of the available subscription features. If you don't want the extras or want to buy more than one Cloud Card, prices per card can be even lower.

That pricing is for early adopters during the financing stage, and may increase later. But, we would not be surprised to see so much demand for Cloud Cards that the cost per card remains very affordable going forward.

The developers of the Cloud Card state that it is ready to go now, and they are FCC/CE/RoHs compliant, with patents pending for their uniqueness in hardware & software operation.

A funding campaign for Cloud Cards was launched just yesterday on Indiegogo, with the developers hoping to raise $100,000.00 for this new product. We suspect that once news articles about this new product are published, funding goals will be met quickly. So, make sure to visit this page to see more about it, order your own Cloud Cards, and help to fund its development if you want to see this concept thrive going forward:

Using a Cloud Card to deliver a personalized video greeting appears to be incredibly simple, thanks to the cards' built in WiFi so that your can record your greeting via a Smart Phone, then give it to the person you want to see it. This .gif image outlines the simple steps needed for that purpose:


Please see the Press Release below for more detail about Cloud Clouds:


Cloud Cards, a Creative Way to Send Video Messages on a Card to Friends and Family, are Now Available

The Creator of Cloud Cards Hopes to Change the Way People Send the Message of Love and Support to Each Other

LISLE, Ill., May 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The founders of Cloud Cards, a revolutionary new type of greeting card that allows people to send video recorded and personalized messages to others via wireless connection, are pleased to announce the launch of the innovative and beautiful e-cards, but with a traditional paper card twist.

Unlike impersonal pre-printed stock cards, text messages and generic emails, Cloud Cards are the ideal way for people to send meaningful, heartfelt messages to each other.

"Our cards are manufactured with built-in WiFi for data transfer that connects to your mobile device, from which you than upload your videos and choose your animations," noted Tom Tomczyk, CEO of Cloud Cards, adding that unlike online e-card companies, Cloud Cards do not require direct internet access and can be enjoyed anywhere.

The founders of Cloud Cards are also committed to giving back to the community whenever possible. For example, the various designs and animations were developed by students across the United States to help build up their creative portfolio.

"We are involved in many social and community projects that in the future will be tied directly to profits from retail sales of Cloud Cards," said CFO Jerry Mangune.

After finishing customizing the card, the sender can sign it, put it in an envelope, sit back and smile as the recipient enjoys the personalized message.

In order to pay for the costs associated with further developing the new Cloud Cards app, Tomczyk recently launched a fundraiser on the Indiegogo website. He hopes to raise $100,000 through crowdfunding to pay for further research and development of the app.

To learn more about Cloud Cards or to make a donation to the Indiegogo campaign, please visit

About Cloud Cards:

Cloud Cards are a new and innovative type of greeting card that uses the power of wireless technology to allow people to send personalized video messages with customized full blown e-card animations to others. The founder of the company recently launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo. For more information about Cloud Cards, visit