Instaport and InstaBackup Help Transfer Photos from Instagram

Insta.pngAfter the Facebook acquisition was announced, Instagram said that the mobile app would continue to be supported, but some folks aren't exactly trusting of what's going to happen with their favorite photo app. If you're one of those folks or you just want to get all your photos from Instagram to your computer, a few new services are available to help you out.

Instaport is a nice and easy to use website that lets you download all of your pictures in a zip file. The service will also be adding the ability to shift your photos directly over to Facebook, Flickr or an RSS feed. The downside is that it's pretty busy right now, and exports are taking quite a bit of time.

If you're a Mac user, InstaBackup is an alternative that might work out well. Simply download the app, install and then download your pictures.