Instagram Update Corrects the Last Instagram Update

Instagram-Update.jpgThere's so much to do when updating a program. You have to think about all the new things you want to implement, but keep in mind all the things that existing customers love and try not to change that up too much in the process.

Instagram's newest update had too much of the former and not enough of the latter. It changed well-loved filters, removed a few, and made the tilt-shift option sharper than need be. Instagram says that all of this is fixed in the newest update. It's likely that the new improved resolution of the photos required newly made filters, causing the discrepancy.

In addition to finding a happy medium between the new and the old, Instagram has added more support for locations. When you import a photo to Instagram, the program will suggest a list of places - based on recorded GPS data - that the photo was taken for you to choose from. When you take a picture in Instagram, both your original and filtered photos will be saved with location data.

You can read up on the details at the Instagram Blog.