Insta360's New Camera Defies the Laws of Physics.

Insta360 teased exclusive new footage today on Engadget ahead of their August 28th launch of a new mystery product.

The footage itself looks more like it was shot on a drone than on one of the company's Insta Air's. It boggles the mind on how this was done. The man holding out the Insta360 device is perfectly still, yet, the image swoops around in an arc like the camera was attached to a cowboy's lasso. Look at it again, it travels THOUGH the red smoke trail. Aside from employing witches, I have no idea how this was done and I'm guessing we won't have any more information until the August 28th release date. 

There's actually no proof that it's a new camera and not a dramatic new software update for existing cameras that Insa360 sells already. (But again, that would imply witches.) 

For anyone who's ever used a 360 camera or a smartphone 360 camera attachment, you know that usually, all you get is a locked down, pannable shot that shows the entire world around you. Typically it's nothing more than you'd get at a movie in Epcot's world showcase in the 1980s. It's cool, but where should I look?

What I like about the concept of this idea is that if it can really pull off what the footage is showing you're getting a much more dynamic interaction with the world. Instead of just seeing everything around you, you're able to swoop in and get a quick taste of it. I know it's subtle and not much, but it might be enough to convince people to drop their hard earned cash on a device they might've thought was nothing more than a novelty before today.