Insta360 Releases Titan 11K Cinematic VR Camera

Insta360 has announced the launch of the Titan 11K Unibody 360-Degree VR Camera. B&H Photo-Video is set to start shipping units in July for a list price of $14,999.

"We've worked together with VR creators to build the hardware platforms they need — from the cinematic quality of Titan to the versatility of the Insta360 Pro series," said JK Liu, Insta360 Co-Founder and CEO. "Our roadmap this year doesn't include any new professional cameras. Our full focus is on bringing users of Titan and Pro series cameras an even greater edge, through continued updates and integrations with key ecosystem partners."

The Titan 11K 360-Degree VR camera features eight Micro Four Thirds sensors designed to provide superior low-light performance, dynamic range, and image quality. The device offers support for a variety of recording modes, including 11K at 30 FPS and 10K 3D at 30 FPS, along with the ability to capture 11K 360 photos in 3D and monoscopic formats. In addition, the Titan features FlowState Stabilization for gimbal-like stabilization, and Farsight remote monitoring capabilities. And in order to give users a way to actually watch their 11K VR videos, Insta360 has also actually developed its own proprietary CrystalView player with support for playing Titan footage at full 11K quality on iOS and Android devices.

Insta360 Titan 11K VR Camera

Here's a full rundown of key specs per Insta360 and B&H Photo-Video:

• 8 x Micro Four Thirds Sensors
• 8 x 200° Fisheye Lenses
• Up to 11K Resolution VR Photo and Video
• HDR Photos, 10-Bit Color
• "No-Stitch" Editing
• FarSight Remote Viewing and Control
• CrystalView 11K Playback
• Record 11K While Live Streaming 4K Video
• FlowState Image Stabilization
• Crisp, Noise-Free Low-Light Performance

Source: Insta360