Inon Releases Underwater Housing for the Panasonic GF1


Underwater photography is absolutely fascinating, but it takes a lot of gear to make it happen.  It's expensive, sure, but it's bulky too.  Inon's new X-2 housing solves the bulk issue at least.

The advantage to taking a micro four thirds camera down for a dive is that you don't have quite the bulk you normally would.  In fact, with the waterproof housing on your camera, it's still just about the size of a standard DSLR.

The X-2 sports a viewfinder for the camera's LCD screen, which is a boon when you're a few hundred feet down.  It's also got room for lights, each of which can be purchased for $150. 

The case itself goes for 178,000 yen, which comes to right around $2,100.  It's available in Japan now, with no official word on a US release.