InfoTrends Study Says Tablets are Good for the Industry

Tablets-good.jpgThere's an ongoing debate on what cell phones, especially smart phones, mean for the photography industry. Tablets like the iPad are becoming more popular and there's similar debate on what that means for photographers. The folks over at InfoTrends did a study on tablets and things are looking very good.

According to the report, over half of tablet owners use digital cameras on a regular basis, while 62 percent used smartphones for photography on a regular basis. Compared to the general population, that's a significant amount of digital camera use.

Tablet owners were also found to print more photos than others, and more likely to use a printing service instead of a printer in their home.

This is good news for the photo industry, according to InfoTrends group director Ed Lee. "This opens up new opportunities for the imaging industry," he says, encouraging businesses to "offer new products and services geared toward this emerging market segment."