Industrial Light and Magic Researcher Creates Soda Can Fish-Eye Lens

Soda Can Fisheye.jpg

"Fisheye lenses are insanely fun to shoot with," writes ILM researcher Bhautik Joshi.  "They allow you to shoot at very wide angles... and I thought it'd be an awesome exercise in redundant and needless hackery to build my own."

Joshi went through a few intermediate designs before settling on something that worked in a satisfactory way.  The final design cost him a total of $16.50 to create, but some savvy shopping should be able to get the parts cheaper.

The construction of the DIY fisheye lens is detailed in great detail on Joshi's site.  The main components are a soda can, some packing foam, and the piece de resistance: a standard door peephole lens from a hardware store.

Obviously, it's not going to be the best picture.  You're shooting through a peephole after all.  But that's not the point.  As Joshi puts it, "The fisheye lens is ludicrously fun to shoot with."