Induro Introduces PHQ 5-Way Panheads


If you're looking for freedom when positioning your camera on a tripod, Indurogear's new PHQ 5-way panheads may work for you.

The PHQ head is something of a mix between a ballhead and a panhead, combining the benefits of both, but without the downsides.  It's precise, like pan heads should be.  It's got a pair of bubble levels for the more common movements and tightens just like a normal panhead.

The really cool thing about the panhead is that it can rotate at the base, like traditional panhead, or right at the camera.  Rotating at the base tends to take the camera off in a curve if you're trying to pan for video or take a panoramic shot, but rotating at the camera eliminates these problems.

Induro has posted a video demonstration of the PHQ on their site as well as a few more details on the difference between the two models of the new PHQ panhead.