Ikelite Reveals Underwater Housing for the Nikon D5200

Nikon's D5200 is the latest camera to get underwater protection from the folks at Ikelite. The new housing protects the camera down to a depth of 200 feet and is made with sturdiness and safety as prime concerns.

The housing allows for the use of a TTL flash, which helps to save the battery on your camera while simultaneously providing a better picture. If you use a current model of DS Sunstrobe, you'll be able to read and adjust exposure settings directly on the housing, with no need to fiddle with knobs on the strobe itself.

Ikelite made a point of allowing you to access all of the D5200's functions while using the camera. Video start/stop, zoom control and, of course, the shutter, are all easily accessable.

The D5200 housing from Ikelite will be out in March for right around $2,000. See their website for more details.

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