iCandy Mounts Your Smartphone Under Your Lens to Attract and Distract

iCandy-dSLR-mount.jpgWhen children and photography mix, you run into a few unique problems. One of the big ones, especially with younger children, is grabbing their attention. Brightly colored lens attachments are helpful, but Ryan Maners has another idea - iCandy.

iCandy is a mount system that attaches your smartphone to the front of your camera, allowing the subject to see whatever you're playing on your phone. Want some attention? Bring up Netflix and get some cartoons going and you'll certainly stand a good shot of it.

iCandy is currently on Kickstarter with 25 days to go until it's funded. A pledge of $69 will get you one of the first 100 iCandy units produced, and you'll have to pay $79 otherwise. If you wait until they go retail, you can expect to shell out around $99.