Huge Outbreak of Camera Store Robberies Since 2016

(Photo Connection Store Robbery caught on camera)

According to the Southern California News Group, there have been 11 burglaries of camera stores in California in the last year and a half with most of them happening just south of Los Angeles. 

When I say burglaries, I'm not talking about people slipping a camera in their pocket on their way out the door. I'm talking about Oceans 11 caliber burglaries... okay maybe they're more like American Animals level, but they're still getting away with it. 

On May 11th or this year, the Photo Connection Store in Irvine was hit in the middle of the night by a group of thieves who stole over $150, 000 worth of cameras and equipment. The whole thing was caught on camera, check it out above.

They criminals backed up to the store with a van and climbed up on top of the roof. Cut a hole in it, climbed through, disabled the alarm and then opened the back door. They brought their own shipping boxes with them and knew exactly where to go in the store and packed up their empty boxes like they were a moving crew. They only took Nikon and Canon cameras too. It was a very specific grab. They ran in there like a coached up kid in the 80s who won the Toys R Us shopping spree.

One of them even hurt their leg trying to kick open the office managers door. The entire thing only took a little over a minute. 

Many camera store owners are convinced that there's a pattern here and that all the strikes are by the same group of people who ship the cameras to South America to be sold in the black market. If they sold them here in America then their serial numbers could be traced and it could be proven that the camera was stolen. 

Another interesting fact is that despite a few arrests, not a single stolen camera has been recovered. Which further strengthens the case that the equipment is being shipped out of the country the second that its stolen. 

Some stores have been hit multiple times, so much so that their monthly insurance premiums were untenable and they took matters into their own hands. 

Farah Payan of Woodland Hills California installed three metal walls built back to back inside her store instead of continuing to pay high premiums after being hit multiple times. Instead of that deterring the thieves... they just cut through them and took over $150k worth of merchandise that she had to pay for out of pocket. 

If people really want something, they're going to try and take it.