Huge Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera Raw Updates

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Adobe recently announced some nice updates to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Lightroom. But which Lightroom you may ask? Adobe has so many versions of all their software now how does one even keep up? Once, there was just Lightroom, now there's Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC Desktop, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC iOS, Lightroom CC. That's a lotta Lightroom. 

This update is about their Profiles, which can pertain to a variety of uses in digital editing -- color profiles, printer profiles, display profiles etc. There's a ton. When we're talking just about the new ACR and Lightroom updates to Profiles, we're talking about profiles that convert and render images from the raw camera data into the visible colors and tones that the end picture looks like. 

Each fancy new digital camera captures images differently, therefore Adobe builds profiles to import Raw images from almost every make and model camera that is supported by their software. Adobe also makes profiles that are used to creatively change the look of an image and those profiles can be used on both Raw, and Jpeg or tiff images.  

For something that's used so often, Adobe never made it easy to find their profiles. You always needed to go into a submenu, which is fine, but not for something that's used so often. So, in this latest update to Lightroom Classic CC and ACR they moved the profiles to BASIC PANEL and for Lightroom CC on every other platform, it's now right at the top of the edit panel. 

The biggest part of this update is six new Raw profiles and four all-new creative ones. 

The Raw profiles are a big deal as Adobe Standard has been the only profile available for ACR and Lightroom Classic, and here they are according to Adobe:

    • Adobe Color -  Helps the look and rendering of warm tones. Adobe Color is the new default for newly imported photos it's the profile that was made to be an all in one profile. It will work with any photo.  
    • Adobe Monochrome  - This will help you get the most out of your Black and White images even ones that were originally in color. 
    • Adobe Portrait - This is all about skin tone. If you're shooting portraits this will help you render natural-looking skin tones. 
    • Adobe Landscape - More vibrant tones on skies and well, landscapes. 
    • Adobe Neutral - This is for images that have a wide variety of highlights and tones. 
    • Adobe Vivid  - Saturate those colors and make everything pop

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(photo by Adobe)

The Four new Creative profiles can be added to any photo, not just Raw ones and they're Artistic, B&W, Modern and Vintage. The cool thing about these profiles is if you wanted to you can add a 3D Lookup Table to them which can greatly increase your color grading ability amongst other fine tuning additions. 

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(Photo by Adobe)

Here's the rundown from Adobe of the updates to the other Adobe platforms. 

Lightroom CC iOs Updates

    • Geometry tab including Upright, Guided Upright & Geometry sliders
    • Grain options for film grain
    • Left-handed editing mode for iPad
    • Enhanced control over Lightroom CC Web shares 
      • enable downloads, showing metadata, and location information on shares made to
    • Support for latest cameras and lenses 
    • iPhone X layout optimizations

Lightroom CC Android and Chrome updates

    • Details tab providing sharpening and noise reduction options 
    • Grain options for film grain
    • Enhanced control over Lightroom CC Web shares 
      • enable downloads, showing metadata, and location information on shares made to
    • Support for latest cameras and lenses 

Check out Adobe's page for the full list of updates and features.

Source: ADOBE