HTC's New Phone Boasts Bigger Pixels and a 4MP Resolution

HTC-4MP-phone.pngThe common misconception in digital photography, since the early days, is that megapixel count is the way to determine which camera is better. Obviously more goes into it than that, and the folks at HTC are hoping that their potential customers understand that when they launch their new smart phone featuring a 4-megapixel camera - the HTC One.

Four megapixels seems like such a small number but the folks at HTC are touting quality over quantity. They may have fewer pixels packed on their sensor but each one is 2.0 micrometers, instead of the 1.4 micrometer pixels found on competing phones. This results in more light being captured and, according to HTC, markedly better picture quality than other phones.

HTC has a few more tricks up its sleeve with the new phone too. It offers gyroscope based multi-axis optical image stabilization, an f/2.0 aperture and the ability to capture full resolution still photos while taking video.

The phone that will sport this new sensor will be called the HTC One, and it appears it will have that same name across all carriers. While they don't note a price, we found mentions of a MSRP of $599 (likely $199 with a contract). HTC does note that the HTC One will start shipping sometime in March, 2013.

(via PMA Newsline)