How to Photograph Live Insects in Your Home


Most of us, during these summer months, are spending time and money keeping insects out of the house.  Scott Hussey doesn't mind so much, as long as the bugs don't mind sitting still for a photo shoot.

Hussey has posted a fantastic guide to taking great insect photographs over at DIY Photography.  It covers everything from lens selection and lighting to a few tricks of the trade that you might not have thought of.  For starters, he's got some advice on just how to keep bugs from just up and walking, or flying away.

"I have discovered that earwigs and several types of spiders absolutely refuse to step into Vicks Vap-O-Rub," writes Hussey. These creatures can be held in place simply by smearing the greasy, stinky goo in a circle around the spot you want the action to take place."

For flying insects and more stubborn creatures, he's got more complicated setups, such as a custom suspension bridge, cooling bowls and even refrigeration.