How to Get 720p Video From Your LiveView Capable Canon Camera

720p Canon.jpg

Shooting HD video with a DSLR is an increasingly popular option for videographers looking for something different and photographers hoping to expand their skill set.  It's not something everyone can do though, since there's still a fairly limited selection of cameras that are capable.

If you've got a Canon camera that's LiveView capable, like the 40D or 450D, you can actually record 720p video straight from your camera.  Thanks to a program called EOS Camera Movie Record, you can use the LiveView monitoring tool to record video.

The downside to the tool is that you're not recording directly onto the camera, but instead onto a computer.  You can still be fairly portable if you're using a laptop, but don't expect to make any broad movements.

You can find a great guide on using the program and getting the best shots possible over on DIY Photography, courtesy of London based photographer Peter Arboine.  You can also check out some videos that Arboine shot with the system.  The quality is fantastic.