How Pro Photographers Prep for the World Cup

pro-World Cup.jpg

"Since there is a lot of travel involved in between cities, the less gear that you bring with you allows for you to be more mobile," says Getty Images senior photographer Kevork Djansezian.  " All in all, it will be about 50 pounds of gear that I will be traveling with."

Over at pdn Gear Guide, there's a very cool article that features five different pro photographers and their preparations for the World Cup.  They talk about what gear they're taking it, how they're taking it, and why. 

It's not just gear that needs to be ready either, the photographer has to be prepped for what can be exhausting days.  "You have to be in top physical condition," says soccer photographer Jamie Squire.  "It's six weeks, including training when I'll visit some of the clubs and get acclimated to the site."

There's also some great info about just how to get that perfect photo.  Djansezian says that it's the practices that show him who he needs to follow.  The players with the biggest  reactions get the most camera time.  "The moments that are etched in history are those with a dramatic image of jubilation or dejection, or both."