Homeless Man's Photographs Will Hang Next to the Greats

Paul Kelly's life story is an all too familiar one.  After a somewhat eclectic life that included roles as a hairdresser, the host of graffiti artist Banski's first show, and a musician, Kelly ended up homeless.  He moved to Newcastle, England to pursue a degree, but was unable to find housing.  After months of couch surfing, Kelly ended up in a hostel for the homeless.

He's still at the hostel, but in his final year of his photography degree, his pictures have been selected to be shown at an exhibition alongside photos by the likes of Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

"Very few photographers get an opportunity like this," says Kelly.  "I have discovered a lot about fine art photography, which I feel has put me in good stead for this exhibition."
The exhibition, which will raise money for a homelessness charity known as Crisis, has the theme of "the collision of opposites."  High fashion shots will be on display along with images that are very raw, such as Kelly's Fifty Pence Diptych Part 1 and Part 2.  The photos are portraits of a girl who had just been in a fight.

"The subject was beaten up by another girl and had come to Crisis to get away from the situation. I liked her determined look and strong ironic smile," said Kelly.