High School Senior's Photography Business Sells Self-Esteem

High School Senior Business.jpg
Every photographer knows that the best pictures do more than just show an image.  They convey an emotion, spark a memory or tell a story.  High school senior Nina Maniphak knows this, and aims to sell more than just photographs, but self-esteem.

Nina won a $1,500 prize to help fund her budding business, known as Plum Porcupine Photography.   She competed against over a thousand students in the Washington area who also had businesses to present as part of an entrepreneurship program.  Nina will use the money to get her business started and will compete against regional winners in October for a $10,000 prize.

The model for her business was strong, but what was most persuasive, according to judges, was her goal.  Her plan isn't just to sell pictures, but to increase the self-esteem of teenage girls by showing them a beauty they never knew they had.  "I really like that feeling of helping them feel good about themselves," said Nina.