HDR Photostudio Now Available for Macs

Unified Color's HDR Photostudio is a program designed to eliminate some of the more common issues with high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.  It helps get rid of haloing problems, fights noise and cuts down on haze from lens glare.

Until now, the program was only available to Windows users, but Unified Color has announced that the Mac version of HDR Photostudio is finally available.   To sweeten the pot, it's available at a $50 discount through February.

"With HDR PhotoStudio, Mac users can finally produce full-color HDR images that they envision," says CEO Alfred Zee, "without concern that their dynamic range or colors will be clipped or shifted by applications constrained by traditional narrow gamut color models."

Zee boasts that HDR Photostudio is the only program available that's able to unlock the entire range of color while still maintaining realistic looking photographs.  The full program is available for download, as well as a free trial, from Unified Color.