Hassleblad H4D Cameras Will Ship With Lightroom Starting March 12th

If you're planning to pick up a Hassleblad H4D - we're very jealous, by the way - you may want to consider holding off for another week or two. Starting on March 12th, that H4D will be coming with a free copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It's not a giant savings considering the cost of the camera, but it's definitely a nice pack-in bonus.

"Integrating the Adobe platform with Hasselblad is a ground-breaking step," says Hassleblad Marketing Director Chris Russell-Fish. "Changing platforms is always a challenge for time-starved photographers and digital operators but now all users can have the excellence of a Hasselblad image file married to the functionality and ease of use of Adobe Lightroom."

If you're used to the company's proprietary Phocus software, don't worry - Hassleblad still plans to support it." As Fish puts it, "This new agreement is about providing choice for our customers."