Did RED Make a Smartphone That Takes Better Pictures Than a DSLR?

RED hydrogen.png
YouTuber and tech guru Marques Brownlee was given an exclusive look at RED's new Hydrogen prototype. So, is it just a fancy phone, or something more? You see, since RED first teased the new product in July, they've always called it a "media machine" and not a smartphone.

If you look at his video, the prototype he shows is supposed to be what a fit and finished version of the mass market device is going to look like... and it's massive. Its 5.5-inch display is the exact same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, however, the RED Hydrogen looks much more rugged as it's made out of metal and kevlar and has these "brass knuckle" like grooves on the side for the device to fit snugly in your hand.

Red Hydrogren brass knuckles.png
(image by Marques Brownlee)

Marques also got to see a working version of the holographic display that's going to be an option on the finished product. You can see the reaction on his face at just how impressive this new technology is. RED claims you'll be able to buy a 2d or a 4d version of the screen and even switch from a normal view to holographic view with a touch of a button if you chose the 4d model. I guess the closest comparison is the Nintendo 3ds, however, it seemed like it could be even more impressive than that. 

The Hydrogen also sports a USB Type C connection and stereo speakers, but that's where the similarities between other current smart phones end.

The Hydrogen's camera, RED claims, is not only going to be better than any smart phone but better than most smaller mirrorless camera systems and DSLRs. "The quality should only be surpassed by RED's bigger cameras." 

Is this the closest we've come to Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver? Think about it. You can already pay your bills, change the channel or content on your tv, and adjust the temperature of your house on your phone. This is a device that was originally built just for communicating with other people, and now they do so much more. So, maybe we should stop looking at them as phones, as that's really the least impressive thing that they do now. 

Recording images or footage with a RED sensor on a phone... I mean on a device that can fit in your pocket and also call people? A media machine?

We're closer than ever to having access to the world's music, pictures and literature as well as create whatever we want on our own with a single device. 

I know it's just another android phone (media device), but is it? Maybe it's the next evolution. In the ten years since the iPhone came out, the updates have just been about making a newer version of something that already exists. But what about making a better version? Inspiration feeds inspiration and soon we won't have laptops or tablets or cameras, we'll just have a single device that can do everything for us. 

You can pre-order the RED Hydrogen now at RED.com