GoPro Slashing the Hero 6 Black by $100 and Getting out of the Drone Making Business

karma drone hero.png
Times are not good for Go Pro. They released their earnings report today and profits are down. They're down so much in fact that they're getting out of the drone making business altogether and slashing the price of their most famous produce the GoPro Hero Six Black by a hundred dollars. Which means that product that put them on the map can now be had for only $399 and the Karma Drone Kit can be had for as low as $999, shaving $200 dollars off the base price.  

CEO Nicholas Woodman said in a statement that GoPro is:

"committed to turning our business around in 2018." Woodman said
that the company's new hardware and software roadmap, combined 
with lower operating expenses, would allow GoPro to return to "profitability 
and growth in the second half of 2018."

We liked the Karma drone here at Steve's. It was quirky for sure and not the best drone on the market, but it was a lot of fun to use, but not quite as refined as other options. 

It's crazy when you think that there was no such thing in the world as an affordable HD action camera until GoPro came along, and now there is a dozen of them. 

Innovation leads to Imitation which in turn leads to Competition. Outside of maybe Apple, people are no longer brand loyal. Long gone are the days when people bought Mercury's because their parents always bought Mercury's... wait do you think that's why there are no more Mercury's. No, it's because once someone else can do what you do and offer the same level of refinement for a better price, it's over for you. 

Although it's a sad day for GoPro, it's a great day for consumers. So, take advantage of a company being down and get your Hero 6 Black or Karma Drone at a discount today. 

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karma drone hero.png