GoPro Announces "GoPro for a Cause", a New Program Providing Non Profit Organizations with Equipment and Production Support

gopro_logo.pngGoPro has announced a new program called GoPro for a Cause, designed to help non-profit organizations put together content about their organizations.

Under this new Program, GoPro will provide financing, equipment and production expertise to targeted non-profit groups. The idea is that this program can help non-profit groups to put together compelling video content that GoPro will help publish in order to get the message out about what these non-profit organizations are trying to accomplish, in order to persuade others to get involved and help out.

Initially, GoPro will target 10 non-profit organizations that will benefit, and they will also be matching some user donations to a point via their new GoPro for a Cause website

As we reported in July, GoPro has already launched a Content Licensing Portal to allow GoPro users to market their content to others. So, this new program will also allow targeted non-profit organizations to take advantage of the existing GoPro infrastructure. See this article for more about that Licensing portal:

GoPro Announces Content Licensing Portal, Second Quarter Financials show Strong Revenue Growth

See the press release below for more information about the new GoPro for a Cause Program:


GoPro for a Cause Launched to Drive Engagement with Social Causes

GoPro to provide nonprofit organizations with equipment, production support and financial assistance to drive engagement with compelling content.

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- GoPro, Inc., (NASDAQ: GPRO), enabler of some of today's most immersive and engaging content, is proud to announce GoPro for a Cause, a corporate social responsibility platform to drive awareness of social causes that align with the GoPro brand. GoPro will dedicate financing, equipment and production expertise to targeted nonprofit groups.

"From the beginning we've had a vision to scale GoPro as a platform to inspire. Our goal with GoPro for a Cause is to help social causes inspire a global audience with their stories," says Nick Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro. "The world has given so much to GoPro and we're excited to give back."

Initially, GoPro for a Cause will target up to 10 organizations to help tell their story. The Company will provide nonprofits with the support they need to create a short GoPro video that captures the essence of their cause and compels people to take action. The engaging content will be posted on GoPro's social channels as well as a dedicated GoPro for a Cause website, where the Company will match viewer donations to each cause, up to a specified amount.

The GoPro for a Cause program embodies a philosophy of social responsibility that Woodman has been passionate about since before the inception of GoPro. It highlights many of the values that are embedded in the fabric of GoPro's corporate culture, and seeks to leverage GoPro as a platform for doing good in the world.

The Company is highlighting three organizations with the launch of the GoPro for a Cause platform. The organizations are St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Mauli Ola and Bicycles Against Poverty.

For more about GoPro for a Cause, including introductions to the highlighted causes and information about how to become a featured cause, visit  

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