GoPhoto Doubles its Workforce in the U.S.

GoPhoto.pngIt's nice to see some really good news, especially when it comes to a company that's thriving like GoPhoto. The slide, negative and photo scanning service has gotten so popular that the company has been able to double its workforce in the States.

GoPhoto is a site that offers to scan photos, slides and negatives for customers and put them into a digital format. What makes the service particularly unique is that you only need to pay for the scans that you want. They'll scan as much as you want, only charging you for what you actually keep.

Sean Ryan, company CEO and Founder, says that the goal from the beginning has been preservation and excellent customer service. "If in doing that we can also create jobs here in America, we've got a really interesting cycle wherein the preservation of one person's past is directly benefiting the present and future of another. And we take that pretty seriously."