Google Releases Star Wars AR stickers for Android... and They're Awesome!

Augmented Reality apps or AR, have been around for a few years, but they've mostly been static, meaning you have to remain still while shooting something to a lovable character from fiction to your photo or video. But now... well it's good enough to fool your grandparent into thinking you spent Christmas shooting a film with a bunch of people in costumes. 

The way the camera is able to track the motion and angle and match the sticker is incredible. I know it's a promotional video and everything always looks better in promotional videos, but this is really promising. 

They also launched STRANGER THINGS AR stickers, but those look old Nintendo Wii avatars crawled out of the past and into your phone.

See. Let's leave them inside that dusty Wii box in your basement. Of course, the fact Google decided to make the characters look cartoonish probably has more to do with the limitations of adding real looking people. Storm Troopers are not people, therefore they look normal. Fact. You know what I mean though, no faces. It's like CGI in movies. A dragon or dinosaur can look real to you but CGI humans never do. That's mainly because we ourselves are human and can spot a fake inside of a minute. As we ourselves are not dinosaurs it might take us a minute to figure out whether it's real or not. I mean, we KNOW it's not real, but does it look real?

Unfortunately for all you Star Wars fans who are Apple users, or in fact any other phone not named the Google Pixel, you're out of luck. 

For now, the AR stickers only work on Google Pixel phones running Android 8.1. It should natively appear in the camera app too. Which is fun and scary. "look what I did while you were sleeping?"