Google Maps Adds Flickr and Picasa to Street View

google street view.jpg
Street View is an excellent way to learn your way around an area, or just to get a feel for it, without leaving your house.  You can explore cities you'd like to visit, or places you've been.  I love using it to plan transportation during vacations.  It's good to know an area before you decide to walk instead of ride.

It's not exactly a complete tool though.  You'll often find that the route view ends before you can see what you want because the area is pedestrian only, or just off of the major roads.  This is where you come in.

There are already user submitted photos integrated into the site through Google's own service, but now users of other popular photo sites can get in on the action. Google is inviting users to submit photos through Picasa and Flickr to help make the service even more useful.  

By incorporating submitted photos, Street View users will be able to get alternate views and detailed looks at different buildings and landmarks.