Google Lens is Getting Integrated into The Camera App of Most Android Phones

(Google lens identifying dog breed: Image by Google)

When Google Announced Google Lens last year it was kind of like looking at a piece of technology from Star Trek. It combined search, AR, VR with an App to be like a personal assistant, and that's what it's becoming now that it's integrated into some Android camera phones. I say some because as of right now the only devices outside of Google's own Pixel line up are phones from LG, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, OnePlus and Asus. Which conspicuously leaves Samsung out of the loop, which is odd as they're the largest producer of Android devices in the world. 

But why is this a big deal, what can google lens do? There are a few big new features.

Smart Text is a way for you to teleport words from the real world into your phone. If you just point the camera at a book or sheet of paper, you can highlight sections or words and copy and paste them into other documents or save them in a new one. Let that sink in. The software is live rendering the words as digital letters and allowing you to take them and do what you want with them. That's insane. 

Style Match is gonna be a great tool for designers or for when you want to re-decorate your place. You just aim the camera at something you like, let's say it's a chair, and style match will scour the internet looking for similar looking objects. You can also take a picture of clothing and it will search the web trying to find items for you in a similar style. 

Augmented reality is going to be much bigger in the short term than Virtual Reality, that is of course until we all spend most of our time in the Oasis. Until we get to that moment it's really crazy looking at how useful this technology can be. Imagine traveling to a foreign country and holding up your phone to menus, street signs, and directions and have them be instantly translated into your native language? That's where this is going and it has massive potential. 

Source: CNET