Google+ gets great new Photo features

feat-tags.png At the much talked about Google I/O Conference held yesterday, Google introduced a host of new features and services, including a new Google Music Play All service, Google Play for Classrooms for educational related applications, enhancements to Android, and even the ability to attach money using Gmail with Chrome.

But, what interested us more is Google's redesign of Google+, as it includes a host of new features to help you manage your photos.

For example, one of the interesting new features is the ability to find your best photos faster, because Google+ can now use it's algorithms to let you know which photos it thinks are better, helping you to quickly eliminate blurry photos and even duplicates

Google+ can also automatically enhance your images for you, with features for tonal distribution, exposure, red-eye correction, white balance correction, vignetting, sharpening, skin softening and more; it lets you easily undo the corrections for individual photos, or turn off auto enhance for an entire photo album if you prefer to enhance your images yourself versus letting Google+ Photo do it automatically. Google+ can even recognize many landmarks in images and automatically tag them for you with the location they were taken at.

What's more is that Google+ can also scan through your last two weeks of images and create animated .gifs from similar images, and can even creates collages for you; all automatically. Depending on the type of images uploaded, it may even create HDR photos and panoramas for you.

Will Google+ be the new photo sharing site of choice, and will others add the same types of features? Only time will tell, but it's exciting to see how technology is helping photographers quickly manage, enhance and share their images with others.

Go here to see more about the new Google+ Photo related features.

Here's a short video that demonstrates Google+ Photos