Google Can Now Turn Anyone into Anne Geddes (Baby Not Included)

(Photo by MIT)

Imagine never having to edit a smartphone picture again or being able to just point, click and upload the best possible picture... instantly.

That's exactly what Google and researchers at MIT are trying to do.

Google has invented an algorithm that may change the way pictures are taken, and it has found a really clever way to do it.

Basically, it works like this:

The second you take a picture, the algorithm automatically makes a low-resolution version of the image and does all its calculations on that low-quality image. It Adjusts the color, saturation, and even retouches it the way you might do it manually. When its figured out the best possible version of the image, it applies various filters and changes to the original high-resolution image. Because the program already did the tough work on the low-resolution image, it doesn't need a lot of computing power to analyze several million pixels and the entire process happens in a fraction of a second.

It's so fast that there wouldn't even be a delay from the time you took your photo to the moment you glance at your screen -- the edited photo will already be there.

On top of that, it's a learning algorithm that can review photos you yourself have edited and learn how to edit a picture in a style that you might prefer.

Now, if only they could apply that algorithm to my oven so it could just make the things that I like to eat without me having to do anything, I'd never leave the house.

Source: Wired