GLMPS Records Video of the Seconds Before an iPhone Photo

When it comes to iPhone apps, it's rare to find something that's unique and potentially revolutionary, but GLMPS is both.

If you've ever snapped a picture and been disappointed that you missed the action or taken a photograph of something that could be better expressed in video, you'll love GLMPS. Using this app, every time you take a photo with your iPhone, you'll also see the few seconds of video that were recorded previous to the photo.

That's a pretty great feature but it doesn't stop there. You can share your picture with the video embedded. It will play in a small picture-in-picture style window at the bottom right hand side of your photo. Clicking the photo will switch the two and make the video large while the picture sits in the bottom right.

Check out the GLMPS site for examples or download the free GLMPS app from iTunes.