Getty's 20 Gigapixel Olympic Image Doesn't Meet Standards of Quality

Getty-Olympics-noimage.jpgPhotographs are an incredible way to experience an event that you can't attend and the 20 gigapixel image that Getty was planning to take during the Olympic opening ceremonies would have been just that. Unfortunately, we're not going to get to see that picture.

"Due to unforeseen technical difficulties around crowd movement, Getty Images were unable to capture a suitable Gigapixel shot of the Opening Ceremony that met our high quality standards," said Getty in a statement.

That's disappointing for sure, but it's not the end. "Plans have been put in place to capture four other Gigapixel images throughout the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games," says Getty. Just what those opportunities are wasn't revealed, but we're guessing that the closing ceremonies are in there as a contender.