Getty Images to Produce 3D Photos of Olympics

getty-3d-olympics-2012.jpgSteve's reported that Robotic Cameras would be used to take photos at the Olympic games earlier in a news article titled "Robotic dSLR Rigs at the Olympics Supply Previously Impossible Shots". 

We've now found out that some of these images will be getting 3D treatment as well. In an interview with Computerworld Australia, Getty Images senior director of editorial photography, Ken Mainardis, said the process is made possible with the use of two standard digital SLR Pro cameras mounted on the rig.

This rig was designed by UK Chief Sports Photographer Simon Botterill, and requires that the cameras be in perfect alignment to imitate the human eye to create two files which will be overlapped during post production to form the 3D Images.

Getty's Ken Mainardis went on to say that "The way we see 3D [photography] is that it's on the cusp of an explosion in use", and added that "with 3D, it's all about objects moving back to front so busy backgrounds, which are the enemy of 2D photography, become essential to the 3D photographer. That's because a messy background makes the 3D image look really interesting for viewers".

To perfect the robotic setup needed for photographing the Olympics, Getty worked with its camera supplier, Canon, and UK company Camera Corps, who both specialize in robotic camera technology for broadcasting of the Olympic Games.

(via Computerworld Australia)