Getty and Fujitsu Will Create a 20-Gigapixel Picture of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Olympic-20GP-shot.jpgIt's been a little while since we've seen one of those massive pictures that seemed to be released one after the other last year, but the folks at Getty images are prepping to make one of their own this Friday at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

The picture will be 20-gigapixels worth of detail and will be available to view on the Getty Images site on the morning of Saturday the 28th.

"The Opening Ceremony Gigapixel image is the result of just one of the new technologies we are embracing, to ensure London 2012 is captured like no other Games," says Getty SVP Adrian Murrell. "The Games are always synonymous with world records being broken and iconic moments being captured; with over 70,000 people expected at the Opening Ceremony, this image will capture this momentous occasion in innovative, high-resolution detail."