Get Inspired! Tips to Reinvigorate Your Photography

(image by Peter Mckinnon)

Everyone creative finds themselves in a rut eventually. Writers. Actors. Artists. Photographers. Pros. Enthusiasts. Amateurs. It doesn't matter, sometimes you will get bored with what you're doing.  

For photographers, this is especially true if you haven't traveled in a while. It's always easy to get excited about taking pictures when you're traveling. Everything is fresh and new to you when you're in a place you have never been before. It's a lot harder to hit the pavement in your own surroundings over and over and see things in a new light. 

So, what can you do about it?

Peter McKinnon posted a new video with tips on how to help get out there and shoot again if you're bored with photography. Here are three of his tips to get you started.

Try shooting portraits at night. 

Here's a perfect way to mix it up if you normally shoot in daylight or a lit studio. Go downtown (if you live near one) and use the lights of the city to capture your portraits. Go to a place with lots of neon and use those colors to bring something new to your portfolio. 

neon peter mckinnon.png
(image by Peter McKinnon)

Try shooting through the back of another lens.

through lens peter mckinnon.png
(image by Peter McKinnon)

You'll need another lens to do this, so, two lenses total. It's easier if you have one with a wider back to get a bigger image. You'll notice your image is upside down, which just means you'll have to flip it in post. No big deal. This is kind of limited thing. I don't know how many times you want to do it, but it does look interesting. Maybe zoom all the way in and crop out the outer lens like you're at a baseball game and taking pictures through binoculars. 

2nd lens peter mckinnon.png
(image by Peter McKinnon)

Buy something to reflect or refract light.

peter mckinnon plastic grid.png
(image by Peter McKinnon)

Peter wants you to get creative at the hardware store and find something instead of just a piece of foam core to bend and twist light to your will. Perhaps it's a piece of corrugated aluminum, or maybe even a trellis. It could be anything really. 

grid peter mckinnon.png
(image by Peter McKinnon)

Check out all of Peter's tips in the full video below!