Gary Fong Intros the Flip-Cage Pro Series for Plus Size Point-And-Shoots

Fong Cage.jpg

The Flip-Cage line from Gary Fong has proven to be pretty popular, and why not?  Fong's Flip Cage is versatile stand when it's open and a protective case when it's closed.  You can use it to shoot in horizontal and vertical positions. 

It can be made into a macro stand for extreme close-ups, or used as a pseudo steady-cam for shooting video.  It's even got moveable flaps to shade the screen and lens from the sun if need be.

"All camera owners have experienced situations where they wish they were included in a picture, gotten a sharper close up, or, worst of all, reached into their pockets only to find their camera's LCD smashed," says CEO Gary Fong.  "With the launch of the Flip-Cage Pro-Series, we're able to bring the unique capabilities of this product line to a whole new audience of photography enthusiasts."

The Flip-Cage Pro can handle cameras with dimensions up to 3" by 4.5" by 1.75" and can be had for a price of just $19.95.