Fusion Brings a $49 Dollar 360 Camera For Four Smartphone

Fusion Lens 360 intends to deliver a fully functioning high-quality 360-degree camera add-on attachment for your phone for only $49 dollars.

Too good to be true? Who knows. They just finished a successful Indie GoGo campaign raising well over their $10,000 dollar goal. The early bird option was for only $44 dollars but those are all gone unless you buy the two for $88 dollar package, but then you've got to find a friend who wants one too.

This is by far the cheapest option out there in the ever exploding 360-degree camera scene. By using the power of your camera's processor it makes sense that they can trim and cut corners here and there. Also, at $49 dollars, it sucks if you break it while filming, but only in the way that it's the same price as a tank of gas in Los Angeles.

Like most 360 cameras it can be used for true 360-degree video, virtual reality, and picture choosing. Meaning you can snap a photo of an area, then go in and select your framing afterward for a traditional looking image.

Here are some questions they answered on their fundraising page.

Which iPhones does it work with?

Fusion Lens works with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus

Can Fusion Lens capture 360 video?

YES! Current Fusion Lens lets you capture 6K still 360 photo and 4K 360
timelapse video. We 're working on the video capture. It is expected to have
this feature supported in Mar-Apr 2018. For any new feature launched, simply
update the app at the App Store, you will be able to get the latest features.

Does it work with my iPhone with a case?

Fusion Lens works best with naked iPhone without a case. It ensures the
precious alignment between the lenses and your iPhone cameras.

It's definitely neat enough to check out, but remember, like all crowdfunding products, there's never a guarantee that you're going to get a product or that it's going to work as advertised.