Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Coming from Zeiss

Zeiss makes some of the best camera lenses ever made. That's a fact. And for the most part, they've just been making lenses, not cameras. You might even notice the blue ZEISS logo on some Sony all-in-one cameras. But again, they were just making the lenses on those cameras.

That's about to change. Zeiss just introduced the world to their upcoming ZEISS ZX1 full-frame mirrorless camera, and if it's not too expensive, it could change everything.

zeiss zx1 top.jpg
Before we even get into specs, look at this thing. It's small and compact, but keeps only the necessary buttons and dials. Look at the top of it. There's just two dials, one for the ISO and one for the shutter speed and a single button to take a picture.

Zeiss zx1 digital camera back.jpg
The all aluminum body as touch bar and touchscreen on the back that operates more like an iPad than a camera menu and a rangefinder style eyepiece. Again... this is where cameras should be headed.

It has a 37.4 MP full-frame sensor that captures images from the 35 mm Distagon f/2 ZEISS autofocus lens onto 512 GB of internal storage that you could wireless transmit your finished photos through Bluetooth or wifi. Why even bother with memory cards? Just shoot, edit, offload, erase and start over.

Oh, did I mention that it comes pre-loaded with a version of Adobe Lightroom CC? Their whole campaign is SHOOT - EDIT - SHARE. Check out the video below to see it in action.

There's no price or release date as of yet, but I can't imagine it will be cheap considering the lens alone would probably sell for $1,800 if it was made for any other camera.

If the ZX1's sensor is on point, I see this camera as a game changer. It's small, has an amazing lens and gives you the option to cull and edit right from the back of it in an easy way. Forget all the clunky camera buttons and menus. This is taking what works on a smartphone and combining it with what works on a camera. It's genius.

The ZX1 is obviously made for light work. If your a heavy action person and do lots of touch ups it's not going to work for you. But if you're traveling and shooting landscapes, buildings and street photography, why would you take anything else with you?

For more information head on over to Zeiss' website.