Fujifilm's New FinePix 4500

Fujifilm Japan today announced the super-compact (86x71x31mm) FinePix 4500 with a 2.4-megapixel SuperCCD imager that delivers up to an 2400 x 1800-pixel image. It uses SmartMedia cards and has both an optical viewfinder and a 1.8-inch color TFT LCD. A fixed focal length lens equivalent to a 36mm lens on a 35mm camera. It may be tiny but it's packed with features; macro focus down to 6cm, 320 x 240 AVI movie clips, auto white balance and seven presets, 4-mode intelligent builtin flash, ISO sensitivity of 200, three sizes of JPEG images with three different quality levels. Comes with an 8MB SM card, two AA size NiMH batteries and charger.