Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Firmware Update Brings Improved Focus, Speed and More

fuji_xpro1_front2_750-thumb-470x343-12771.jpgThe Fujifilm X-Pro1 is soon to be updated to firmware version 2.0, which makes some big improvements on key areas - like autofocus. According to Fujifilm, you'll be getting improved autofocus speeds in low light conditions and improved autofocus distance to boot. That means you can get nice and close to a subject without having to go manual.

Manual focus has been improved too, and the image will come into focus more quickly than before. A 3x magnification option has also been added for checking focus so you have something in between the normal view and 10x options.

Finally, the X-Pro 1 is now capable of writing to memory cards up to twice as fast as before. It even boasts quicker playback times after you've recorded something.

The update will officially launch on September 18th at 6am GMT. You'll be able to get it directly from Fujifilm support.