Fujifilm Updates the X-T1 with New IR (Infrared) Capabilities

fuji_x-t1-IR-front.jpgDubbed the X-T1 IR, this new model is basically identical to the X-T1 we reviewed last year, however now with the added functionality of infrared imaging. Fuji notes that the new IR model covers the UV, visible and IR spectra from approx. 380nm - 1000nm (nanometers).

While they also note various areas where this kind of technology would come in handy for law enforcement, medical, or fine art photography, we here at Steve's thought of another possible use for the new X-T1 IR; drone photography. Use of IR cameras on drones is becoming very popular, whether for precision agriculture applications, hunting, or search and rescue. With some of the larger drones on the market, carrying the X-T1 IR is not a problem.

Who knows, maybe we'll test this when the IR model starts shipping in October. For now, see our Fujifilm X-T1 IR (Infrared) Preview for more details.

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