Fujifilm to Launch New Retail Lab Products

We're around three weeks away from the Photo Marketing Association tradeshow, and rumors are flying. New products and products lines could be unveiled, but for now we have at least one solid announcement from Fujifilm. Of course, it's not something you'll have in your home.

Fujifilm has announced that they'll be launching their new GetPix II kiosk. Starting in the summer, you'll start seeing Fujifilm kiosks around for photo editing and printing. They've added a few new touches to the GetPix II though.

Like all photo kiosks, the GetPix II will be capable of basic functions like cropping, light photo editing and photo printing. It can handle prints up to 8"x10", and if you're looking for speed, it'll get you around five of those a minute.

Driving out to a kiosk to print photos is pretty inconvenient when a photo printer will do the trick. But Fujifilm says the GetPix II will do more than just print photos. Fuji's new kiosk can fold and bind, which means that you can create cards, books, and even calendars right at the kiosk.