FujiFilm plans to eliminate 50% of their compact camera offerings

fuji_x20_450.jpgFujiFilm has been known for producing a wide range of affordable point-n-shoot cameras over the years, however after a recent report from Amateur Photographer (AP), it appears that Fuji will be scaling back production of their "low-end" models.

AP notes that approx. 50% of Fuji's compact offerings will be cut, which today consists of about 20 models. The reasoning for the cuts is likely due to smart phones taking over as a user's means to capture simple snapshots, but according to Fuji's Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division general manager, Hiroshi Tanaka, it's due to low profit margins on these models.

During an interview with Nikkei last week, Hiroshi Tanaka also noted that Fuji is planning to combine its digital camera operations and optical devices business, which they claim will help decrease 'procurement costs' by as much as 10%. AP reports that Fuji already has a plant producing optical parts in the Philippines, and that, 'assembling digital cameras there would help boost efficiency.'

The good news from all of this is that Fuji is going to focus more on their popular high-end models, like those in their X-series. Yesterday, Adrian Clarke (VP for FujiFilm Europe) told AP, 'We are overwhelmed by the positive reaction from photographers to the introduction of models like the X-E1, X100s, X20 and the lens line-up. Although we enjoy the compact market, it's fantastic for Fuji to get back to "real" photography.'

While it's uncertain whether Fuji will choose to produce their remaining low-end models in the Philippines, AP notes that they understand that Fuji's prosumer, X-series models will continue to be produced in Japan.

(Source - Amateur Photographer)

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