Fujifilm Expands INSTAX Line of Instant Film Cameras with INSTAX 300 Wide

Fujifilm today expanded its INSTAX line of instant film cameras by announcing the all new INSTAX Wide 300 as well as adding new color options to the INSTAX Mini 8 and INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic.
The Fujfilm INSTAX Wide 300 combines large format INSTAX instant film (double the size of INSTAX mini film) with an optical viewfinder, for perfect shot framing, a lens ring dial with a two-range focus zone setting, a tripod socket, and a built-in electronic flash that automatically adjusts light levels to match subject distance. There's even a Fill Flash object for shooting backlit subjects, and a Light-Darken adjustment for adding "high-key and low-key effects to images." Finally, Fujifilm includes a close-up lens adapter for macro shooting.

The INSTAX Wide 300 has been designed for personal (group shots) as well as professional uses (fashion, insurance, law enforcement, etc.). It will be available next spring (2015) for $129.99.

INSTAX Wide film is available in a twin pack of 20 prints for $31.99

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Next up, the INSTAX Mini 8 and Mini 90 Neo Classic are getting some new color options. In addition to its current selections of pink, blue, yellow, white, and black, the INSTAX Mini 8 will be available in raspberry and grape. The Mini 8 features an improved viewfinder, automatic exposure measurement, and a high-key mode (to help you take brighter photos). Fujifilm says the Mini 8 is perfect for self-portraits at weddings and other parties.

The INSTAX Mini 8's new colors will be available in spring 2015 for $99.99
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Finally, the INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic will be available in a "sophisticated" brown and silver finish. This retro camera includes numerous shooting modes, including Double Exposure (blends two images on one print), Macro Mode (no need for a close-up lens), and even a Bulb Mode (maximum exposure is 10 seconds).

The INSTAX Mini 90's new color will be available in spring 2015 for$199.99.

INSTAX Mini film is available in a twin pack of 20 prints for $19.99.

For more information, please read the full Press Release below:


Valhalla, N.Y., September 10, 2014 - FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced an expansion of the popular INSTAX line of instant film cameras with the new INSTAX Wide 300, along with new color versions of the popular INSTAX Mini 8 camera - raspberry and grape - and the INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic in a stylish brown.

INSTAX Wide 300

The redesigned INSTAX Wide 300 is a high quality instant film camera that uses large format INSTAX instant film and has a contemporary and professional design for better image composition and easier handling. The INSTAX Wide 300 uses an optical viewfinder for easier image composing, a lens ring dial with a two-range focus zone setting, and a tripod socket for enhanced shooting capabilities.

The new INSTAX Wide 300 also features a built-in electronic flash that automatically adjusts light levels depending on the distance to the subject. Users can select Fill Flash when shooting a subject in a backlight scene, while a Lighten-Darken control adds high-key and low-key effects to images. Additionally, the INSTAX Wide 300 includes a close-up lens adapter for macro shooting as close as 15.5" from the subject

The INSTAX Wide 300 uses INSTAX Wide instant film that is double the size of INSTAX Mini film. It is ideally suited for fashion photography, group shots at parties and events, landscape scenes, as well as many practical business applications including insurance, law enforcement and record keeping.

INSTAX Mini 8 in Raspberry and Grape

The INSTAX Mini 8 will now be available in two new colors - raspberry and grape - in addition to the current line of pink, blue, yellow, white and black. The Mini 8 is a fun and easy-to-use instant film camera that offers users a range of features, including an improved viewfinder for enhanced subject viewing, automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings, and a high-key mode that enables users to take brighter photos - perfect for memorable portraits.

INSTAX Mini 8 photos can be passed around, viewed and shared anywhere, anytime. There are many ways and occasions to have fun with the INSTAX Mini 8, such as at weddings and parties, as well as everyday scenes and self-portraits. Users can also use the photo prints for creative and decorating projects around the house.

INSTAX Mini 90 Brown

The stylish INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic will be available in a sophisticated brown and silver finish. The Mini 90 combines a premium build quality with an elegant, retro camera design that offers a full range of camera functions. Featuring a variety of shooting modes, the Mini 90 offers Double Exposure and Macro modes for users who want to express their photographic creativity with stunning image quality.

The INSTAX Mini 90 has a Double Exposure mode (blend two images on one print) and a Bulb mode that keeps the shutter open longer (10 seconds maximum) for extra creative images. The Mini 90 also has a Macro mode for people who want to get up close to their subjects for short-distance photography at the press of a button without the need for a close-up lens.

INSTAX Wide 300 key features:

· Uses Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Color Film (sold separately)

o Film Size 86 mm x 108 mm

o Picture Size 62 mm x 99 mm

· Move in/out type lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f = 95 mm, 1:14

· Real image optical viewfinder, 0.37x with target spot

· Motor-driven focusing, 2-range switching (0.9 m - 3 m/3 m - ∞) (normal mode: 0.9 m - 3 m, landscape mode: 3 m - ∞)

· Programmed electronic shutter release, shutter speed: 1/64 sec - 1/200 sec.

· Automatic Exposure Control, Interlocking range (ISO 800): LV 10.5 - LV 15. Exposure compensation (Lighten-Darken Control): ±2/3 EV

· Built-in automatic electronic flash. Charging time: 0.2 seconds - 6 seconds (using a new battery), Flash charging indicator (LED lights in red), Fill-in Flash Mode, Effective flash lamp range: 0.9 m - 3 m

· Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) indicates exposure counter, Lighten-Darken control, Flash Mode

· Uses four AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries

· Film pack confirmation window, close up lens

· Tripod socket

· W:188mm x D:96 mm x H:121mm / 612g (without battery, strap, film pack and close up lens)

The INSTAX Wide 300 will be available in spring 2015 for USD $129.99 \ CAD $129.99.

INSTAX Wide film is available in a twin pack of 20 prints for USD $31.99 \ CAD $31.99.

The INSTAX Mini 8 and Mini 90 new colors will be available in spring 2015 for USD $99.99 and $199.99\ CAD $99.99 and $199.99. INSTAX Mini film is available in a twin pack of 20 prints for USD $19.99 \ CAD $19.99.

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