Fujifilm Ships MX-1700 Zoom

ELMSFORD, N.Y.--Oct. 25, 1999-- Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is now shipping the MX-1700 ZOOM. Similar in size and design to its MX-700 and MX-2700 predecessors, the MX-1700 ZOOM has an improved, high-resolution 1.5- million pixel CCD with RGB color filters along with a newly crafted all-glass, miniature aspherical zoom lens. The results of these features are outstanding image quality and superb color reproduction, both hallmarks of Fujifilm digital cameras.

Sporting dimensions of 3.1" (w) x 4.75" (h) x 1.25" (d), Fujifilm's newest megapixel model is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, easily fitting in shirt pockets or pocket books. It records high-resolution images at 1280 x 1024, or at 640 x 480 resolutions, and the 3x aspherical zoom lens delivers 35mm equivalent of 35-114mm coverage.